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Got to giggle.

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I don't visit here often but the timing was just right.

Some of my neighbors are having a friendly clay shoot outside.

Actually it's quite nice to hear but it started just as I got the pressure cooker out to cook some pheasant.

I chuckled to my self, ok, in a snobbish way, how they can't eat their clay birds and here I was cooking my real birds!

Joking aside, I am actually very blessed so should not gloat at all! Besides, it might be a charity shoot of which at any moment anyone could be a benefactor including me!!

With hindsight I probably should be saluting them and it was nice to listen to all the same.

I fixed the pheasant meat and browned it in some olive oil.

Added black pepper.

A chopped red onion.

Frying over in went some diced potatoes. Two yellow peppers, three large tomatoes. Chicken stock cube and tomatoes purée and some Chile flakes, oh yes, some thyme.

Added some water and let the pressure cooker cook for 30mins. About three table spoons of corn flour to thicken after cooking.

Bloody bootifull.




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