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I purchased a OLight H35 a good while ago now, anyway where the power cable went into the battery pack a wire broke. I sent it back to Olight UK to see if it could be repaired as head torch is nothing short of amazing, the light ,build quality is great and as it turns out so is the backup service. 

I had a call from the guys at Olight UK to tell me that that light was no longer available, to say I was gutted would be putting it mild. 

They said how sorry they were but I could have what ever I wanted to the full value of the faulty light and if I could wait for a couple of days lots of the lights would be heavy discounted for black Friday.

I asked if there was any way my old H35 could be repaired, I would be happy to pay as its a cracking light, they said leave it with me and I will call you back, they did and they are going to send it back to Japan to have a new wire and new battery's fitted free of charge. 

How many companies do you know that give service like that, first class well done Olight UK . 

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I’ve got a torch from them, cracking but of kit but by got it was expensive, I would get the headtorch if it’s as good as the handheld, 5y warranty I believe so they obviously use good components. Glad to hear they offer a good customer service as well.

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