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So these days it's easy to get lost in the catapult world,, different frames, why cut of elastic, what taper etc etc. I've been there myself. Today I wanted to go back to what I enjoy about catties and what it's really all about, nice and simple, no power tools, just a few things about the house. I got some old leather bits I had, some fishing braid, and cut a pouch. The fork I found last week, dead fall. Cut to size, rounded off with some sandpaper and a quick run of linseed oil. Tabbed on the leather and fitted the bands. I've had many more kills with a simple fork like this than anything. Don't get lost in the madness, the essence of the slingshot is its simplicity. 



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Ahhh, when I was about 8-12 years, you would have hardly ever seen me without a slingshot in my pockets..

I urgently need to make me one (or for my kids so I have an excuse ;))

Nice one!!! 




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