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Novice question

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Hi there, 

Apart from air rifles as a kid,   I'm a complete novice when it comes to shooting. 

I've always had a Intrest in stalking. The effort and skill that it takes for a successful hunt is second to none. My question is what are the rules and regulations on booking with an estate, do I need to have a fac to take part ect... 

Thanks for your time 



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Just ring the estate, and ask, let them know you are a novice, they will run you through it in detail, if they are any good that is , there’s plenty of places that welcome novices, they will take you with the estate rifle, to make sure you are a competent shot, once they are happy, then they will take you for your first stalk, 

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most stalkers prefer to take out  novices, because then they can tell you, how great they are, and the novices dont know any better LOL

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Hi Beam

you dont need a fac  if you go with someone who has ( accompanied  stalking)

lots of stalkers online to choose from mate 

look for one close by

good luck

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The reason guides like to take novice stalkers out is the look on their faces when they shoot there first deer, its priceless.

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Which ever Estate or guide you choose will most likely want you to have a go at a target so you get a feel for the rifle, and give you an idea of where to aim and what to expect.

Take the day for what it is, irrelevant if you shoot something that's a bonus.


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