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Little Butch

Bullx suitability

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The idea of a Belgian mal in a camper van would give me sleepless nights 

I’m sure you’ll love cuddling up to your snotted caked in mud wet stinking 26 ins bull cross on a foldaway bed mate, as will your woman , 

personally not for me or the wife 

just a thought, but don’t the vw vans hold some serious money?

why trash a vehicle for living in 24 7 by getting a big old mutt ? 

What if your dog gets a cut or w knock out lamping and needs a few stitches? 

Locked in the back with a isolation collar on? 

Nah mate, get a run for it to live in or a big f**k cage 

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Are you going to be living in the camper van in an enclosed yard, or stopping in lay bys etc? If it's not an enclosed area, the dog is going to end up outside on a chain a lot of the time. Might be doable for a while, but not ideal.

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It’s not a be camper it’s a Mercedes vario that I’ve built into a motorhome. It’s a 7.5tonner so much bigger than those little vw ones. Although yeah, those do fetch silly money these days!

At the moment I’m trying to find somewhere I can store it to live in, no luck as of yet though. 

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Fella I see around plymouth has a Luton van him his missus and 3 long dogs don't think they have much room in there mind 

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