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Robert hasselhoff

Pulsar Quantum Lite Xq30V Advice

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Anybody on here used or got one ? How do you rate them and what sort of a realistic range do they have on rabbits and fox ECT. As they are at the lower end price bracket ECT for handheld spotters. Also do they have an attachment for a neckband so not having to carry it. Any info appreciated cheers atb

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At there price range they are the best performing unit available.. but obviously the Hellion models are better and cost more to reflect this.


There capable of picking rabbit sized object heat signatures at upto 200-250 yards and fox around 350yds. They also have studs either side to fit a lanyard.

They do the job most people need, of locating quarry very good.


Downsides to the unit, are image, identification detail/range and background terrain is not as good as hellion models with better lenses, limited focus adjustment due to flat lens design.


Other than that there worth the money, avoid any Flir or Seek models at similar prices or below as there not a patch on them...


If you can save best unit for the price and performance to me is the Hellion XQ38F, gives a good field of view also..


If you have an endless budget, Helion XP50 will you give you the best image of the lot.

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