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Desperately Seeking Golden Retriever

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Sadly Ollie the pub dog passed away at the grand old age of 14.

He was from working stock although he spent the last seven greeting pub patrons and helping finish off any unwanted grub.

If anyone knows of any future litters, of the right working stock please let me know.


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I picked a 8 week old working type bitch pup up from a advert on pets4homes in january this year so they are on there. Shes out of proper stuff aswell, the bloke who bred her owns a gun shop and runs a shoot. He as litters for sale on there everynow and then.

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They bought one not long after the first post poor little thing has caught parvo on account of stupidly being passed round countless people.

My wife was one of the first to see him, and she explained she didn't want to touch him and risk his health.

Think he has ran up a 6k bill but he is making a recovery.

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