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Hooding Female Harris Hawk


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hello all,


Can anyone help me the best way to hood a female Harris hawk 16 weeks old.


I will be getting the hawk in September, what i want to know is how do i hood her?


Do i hood her straight away or wait.


Thank for your help


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Hood her straight away while she is still afraid of you. Its much easier to get it on then, once she gets used to you it will be a lot more difficult as she won't be afraid to duck and bob to dodge it. Sounds strange but you will see what I mean. Leave it on for a decent while then just sit with her and put it on, take it off and keep repeating this. She will gradually accept it. Also after its been on for some time check inside it for any wet patches to make sure its a good fit. You don't want it rubbing her eyes.

Good luck!

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Most people use Anglo Indian hoods for hawks. I find the blocked Anglo Indian hoods are better as they keep their shape, and can take a bit of stick in the field. Here is a link to some decent ones. There are a lot of cheap rubbish around. Give Kevin a bell he will sort you out. Try to find out from the breeder what weight the mother to yours is flying at to try to gauge the correct size. Kevin always seems spot on with his sizing. You want to order it now as there is a wait as they are made to order.



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