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  1. ok never thought you would leave hood on and letting bird feed of glove with hood on want the bird be a little ristricted even if you lossen the braces? will try that thanks
  2. Hello again how money times a week would you give a rat,quiel or rabit would you give a hawk a bit of all verity a day or diffrent days or dosent it matter if any one can answere this i would be great full
  3. Thank you very much i will give him a call
  4. Thanking you for your reply back is there a pacific hood you can recomend me so the bird is not unconfertable
  5. hello all, Can anyone help me the best way to hood a female Harris hawk 16 weeks old. I will be getting the hawk in September, what i want to know is how do i hood her? Do i hood her straight away or wait. Thank for your help
  6. Hi I'm ish, I'm been into falconry for about 5 years, but looking for more questions and answers from this wonderful forum. I'm based in Gloucester and would like to meet new people with falconry for friendship, support, knowledge and more.
  7. hello mate i have had a femail harris in winter you need to give an extra chick so let say you usualy give her 3 chicks in a warm day in winter they burn mkre because cold wether you could try given a extra chick say 4 and weigh her morning and evning hope this helps
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