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A Show For Shan , Jed And Patricia Donaghs Charity Dog Show At Duleek , Sunday 9Th July 17

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A Show for Shan , Jed and Patricia Donaghs Charity Dog Show at Duleek , Sunday 9th July 17


Duleek is situated in the quiet valley of the Nanny River, in the beautiful County of Meath, and borders on the outskirts of Drogheda, nestling in the shadow of the flowing waters of the River Boyne.


This was the venue for last Sundays outstanding Working Dog Charity Show and Race Day in Duleek. It was in this rich Countryside, that a very popular Country Sportsman with a heart of gold had a dream. And this dream soon became a reality, by reaching out a helping hand to Shan, a young lady from Carlow who is fighting a severe illness at the moment.


The Canine folk of Ireland took this dream a little further and came out in force last Sunday to support this special cause. I have never seen crowds like it at a dog show on this island before. I have said it before and I will say it again, the generosity of our Country Sports fraternity knows no bounds when it comes to Charity events.


From early morning the cars, trailers, huntsmen and their dogs began to arrive, and by noon the cars were parked 4 deep in the field. There was a real carnival atmosphere in the field with the laughter of children playing on the Bouncy Castle, and on site a Country Sports Clothing stand, Catapult Tent, Cahill Leads and Collars, Video stand with the eye in the Sky Drone, Burger and Ice Cream van, and a Nik Nak stand. Something for everyone.


The weather was kind, with good spells of sunshine, but got a little cooler in the evening with a spot of rain as we were packing up to go home. Everybody and anybody from the dog show scene North and South of the border and further afield was at this show, and all out to contribute in some small way to this very special cause.


I would like to say, I was so proud to see at last a dog show recognising the now famous Plummer Terriers, and giving them a ring and a judge all to themselves. I counted 20 Plummers around the ring on Sunday. What a turnout. Hopefully this will be the norm at the shows in 2018.



Patricia Donagh, Jeds wife was in charge of the PA system and Master of Cermonies on the day, and did she not do a great job. A real professional that lady was, backed up with a lovely personality, and definitely a big flair for auctioneering. As Tricias beautiful southern brogue rang out over the field, the money kept rolling in. The quality of the items in the auction and in the raffle were unique and were of a very high standard, all donated from various caring individuals in the community.


Fiona Devlin went home with a set of Antlers to hang above her bed. Poor Conor will be having nightmares when he wakes up and sees them set of horns looking back at him. John Mc Stay kept betting on a Weather Vane, and after many Euros later between the auction and the raffle, went home a happy camper with the car boot full.


There was a very solemn and special moment in the show when Jed Donagh presented a beautiful inscribed plaque to the Welsh Family, in memory of their dear son Brian junior, an avid Country Sportsman, who passed away far to early in his young life. Knowing this lovely family, and also knowing the late Brian Junior, it was hard to hold back the tears at this presentation. Also Jed did not forget his good friend and keen huntsman, Simon Murphy, who passed away suddenly a few years back. Jed looked after Simon to the end of his life, and again on Sunday presented his mother with a beautiful inscribed plague in Simons memory.


Time passes so quickly when you are having fun, and very soon it was time for Racing, followed by showing. The race track was the best I have seen this year and in mint condition. Any dog that won on that track deserves his winnings. It was a good length, with a sharp up hill climb at approach to the finishing line.


Here are the Plummer Results given to me by the Godfather of the Plummer world Hagan Mc Quaid from Sligo. It was nice meeting up with you again Hagan at the show. You promote and do so much for this breed, and it looks like your hard work has payed off.



Showing Judge - Janine Dooner


Plummer Classes




Child Handling

1 Ava Moran and Ferncliffe Fawn

2 Ben Cox and Ballyman Rose

3 Ollie Devlin and Dargle Valley Dixxie


Best Pup

1 Dargle Valley Viper – Sam White

2 Dargle Valley Dixxie – Ava moran

3 Dargle Valley Daisy – Thomas Brien


Best Bitch

1 Ferncliffe Tilly – Thomas Brien

2 Martello Radar – Alan Kenny

3 Oakfield Meg – Ronan McKenna


Best Male

1 Brimar Nathy – Alan Kenny

2 DRD Rambo – Ronan McKenna

3 Pendragon Lan Cash – Phil Pugh


Best Pair

1 Oakfield Butch & Ferncliffe Tilly – Thomas Brien

2 Trentside Potter & Oakfield Meg – Ronan McKenna

3 Trentside Sampson & Ferncliffe Fawn – Kian Connolly


Best Progeny

1 Ferncliffe Fawn & Dargle Valley Dixxie – Brian Noble

2 Oakfield Meg & DRD Rambo – Ronan McKenna


Best Working

1 Ferncliffe Tilly – Thomas Brien

2 Oakfield Butch - John Tierney

3 Brimar Nathy – Phil Pugh


Best Condition

1 Brimar Merlin – Sam White

2 Oakfield Butch - John Tierney

3 Brimar Nathy – Phil Pugh


Best Outcross

1 Drimina Gul - John Tierney

2 Drimina Sol – Kevin Macken



Best In Breed

Brimar Nathy – Phil Pugh


Reserve Best In Breed

Dargle Valley Viper – Sam White





Childrens Handling Class


Brooke Rafferty



Lurcher Results :


Given to me by Jennifer Gately


Lurcher Showing Results



Dog pup

1st James wood

2nd Colman Keigrey

3rd Harry Roche


Bitch Pup

1st Ashton Keeta

2nd Rose McCoy

3rd Mark Dupplow


Coursing Lurcher

1st Michelle Rafferty

2nd Brain Grady

3rd Lisa Beggs


Collie Cross

1st Maurice Mcdowell

2nd Sheamus Hart

3rd Lisa Beggs


Whippet cross dog/bitch

1st Billy Harper

2nd Mal McFall

3rd Brain Grady


Bull Cross Dog

1st James Boyd

2nd Michael Quinn

3rd Colm Keighley


Bull Cross Bitch

1st David Wear

2nd Charlene Rafferty

3rd Billy Harper


Lamping Dog/Bitch

1st Ceilum Tinnelly

2nd John Ryan

3rd Paddy McCarthy


Hare Dog ( Saluki Type)

1st Phil Owen's

2nd Jayna Griffin

3rd Niall O Cloghan


Overs Rough Dog

1st Andy Bouche

2nd Tracey Crosbie


Overs Smooth Dog

1st Billy Harper

2nd James Boyd

3rd Kirsty Harper


Best Pair

1st Harry Roche

2nd Fiona Devlin

3rd Darren Mc Fetridge


Under 24 Rough Dog / Bitch

1st Mark Dupplow

2nd Darren Mc Fetridge

3rd Harry Roche


Under 24 Smooth Dog/Bitch

1st Mal McFall

2nd Brain Grady

3rd April Dickson


Terrier Type

1st Ian Greer

2nd David Dickson

3rd Barry Holland


Best Entered Lurcher

1st James Boyd

2nd Ceilum Tinnelly

3rd Andy Bouche


Veteran Lurcher

1st Chairman Grady

2nd Mal McFall

3rd Fiona Devlin


Champion Lurcher

James Boyd


Reserve Lurcher

Maurice McDowell





Overall Show Champion and Reserve Winners



Overall Champion Ferret Showing

1st Michael Quinn with Sandy

2nd Niall O Cloghan with Bonnie



Overall Champion Ferret Racing

1st Rose Mc Coy with Conker

2nd Niall O Cloghan with Bonny



Overall Champion Strong Dog Pup

1st Charlene Martin with Willow.

2nd Jamie Lee Mc Kinistry with Hank.


Overall Champion Strong Dog

1st Sean Lawlor with Rondal

2nd Charlene Martin with Rohan


Overall Champion Whippet Pup

1st Janet Duke with Levi

2nd Gabriel Frank with Todha


Overall Whippet Champion

Karen Cummins with Maisie

Reserve Melissa Greer with Turbo.


Overall Champion Plummer Pup

Sam White with Dargle Valley Viper

Reserve Ava Moran with Dargle Valley Dixie


Overall Champion Plummer

Alan Kenny with Brimar Nathy

Reserve Ronan Mc Kenna with DRD Rambo.



Overall Champion Terrier Pup

Darren Martin with Castro Handled by Mariano Parisella

Reserve Jack Lynch with Jackie


Overall Champion Pup

Darren Martin with Castro

Reserve James Woods Buster


Overall Pet champion

Melissa Greer

Reserve Jennifer Brady



Racing Results


Lurcher Pup

Michelle Rafferty with Dino

Charlene Rafferty with Jet


Whippet Pup

Barry Chambers with Alfie

Janet Duke with Florence


Under 21 Elites

Joe Leonard with Whitney

Joe Leonard with Amber


Over 23 Master McGrath

Stephanie O'Connor with Bear

Gary Smith with Seven


Under 23 Elites

Mal McFall with Bandit

Karen Cummins with Angel


Mick the Miller

Shane Ennis with Flash

Paddy McCarthy with Pip



Charlene Rafferty with Zio

Barry Chambers with Ruby


Under 23 Lurcher

Eddie Kane with Shelby

Seammie with Jessie


Over 23 lurcher

Paddy McCarthy with pip

Ian Greer with Bud


Bull Cross

Kirsty Harper with Regal

John Ryan with Roy


Hairy Lurcher

Eddie Kane with Frank

Eddie Kane with Scooter




Sam White with Finn


Under 21 Lurcher

Mal McFall with Boster

Niall with Blade


And Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank the judges on the day for a job well done.


Whippets: Graham Versey

Lurchers : Ste Moran

Terriers : Kevin Maguire

Strong Dogs : William Flynn (Senior and Junior)/

Pets : Theresa Donagh

Ferrets : Ryan Hill, Leanne Mooney


The highlight of the day was in the Lurcher ring, when Miss/Missed World appeared walking her Champion Lurcher. All the men were eyeing her up big time, with her flowing ginger red hair, magnificent chiffon flowing dress, and the best pair of hairy legs I have ever seen, orange underpants to die for, and a million tatooes everywhere. What a set up. I was buckled in two with laughter. Maurice Mc Dowell you are a great sport, and always up for a laugh. We all enjoyed the craic, and thank you for bringing a smile to all our faces.


There is one young lady who worked tirelessly on the day between the rings along with partner Shane Ennis who helped out with racing. Yes Jennifer Gately, its you I am speaking about. Thank you so much for getting all the results to me. I know later on in the year you and Shane are expecting a happy event, and all the luck in the world for that special event in your life. The racing went like clockwork, and this was down to the skills of the helping hands of Maurice Mc Dowell, Shane Ennis and the man himself on the lure Pat Lee.


As a special request, Jed and Patricia Donagh has asked me to thank Aidan Ryan most sincerely for allowing them to use his excellent field and venue for their charity show. Aidan, without your generosity, none of this would have been possible, and of that we are truly thankful.


And Finally, Finally, what happens when a Dream comes true. Last Sundays Charity Show was the biggest gathering of Country Sports people I have seen at a show this year. This was all down to two of the most popular, caring and thoughtful people on the Canine scene. Jed and Patricia Donagh your giving hearts know no bounds. Your Charity Show for Shan, for a first time show was a roaring success. And now I am told today by Jed, the Shan fund will be getting £4000 from the proceeds of this very successful Show, and the Boyne Fishermans Rescue will be getting £ 200.


It is a thrill to know that these two Charities will benefit from the giving hands of the Canine community and other good hearted sponsors that contributed in any way for this worthy cause. Hopefully this large contribution will help Shan along the way to getting a cure to ease her awful painful days.


Again, Jed and Patricia Donagh and your brilliant band of helpers, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful day in Duleek, and who says Dreams don’t come true. What a beautiful ending for a great cause.



Margaret Mc Stay

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      Sunday 24th June 18
      The North Tipperary Hound and Dog Show will be held on Sunday the 24th June at Lisbonney, Dublin Road, Nenagh, Co Tipperary. Full Details later.
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      SATURDAY 21st July Man-O-War Charity Working Dog Show, Keady, Co Armagh    Showing for: Lurchers/Whippets/Terriers and Strong Dogs Qualifiers for The Pride of The Peaks in England  Qualifiers for Shanes Castle 2019,  5 Nations Championship at Shanes Castle 2019 for Whippets/Terriers and Lurchers    Racing for: Greyhounds,Lurchers,Pups, and Whippets  Qualifiers for Master McGrath at Shanes Castle 2019  Qualifiers for The Mick The Miller At Shanes Castle 2019  There will also be fantasic Prizes for the Raffle to be won on the day..    Charity Nominated : CASH FOR KIDS   Please share and come support a worthy cause :#cashforkids    
      Sunday 22nd July 18
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      Sunday 16th September 18 ( Please note New Venue ) 6th Show.
      The Sporting Whippet Club NI are having their 6th Dog Show and Race Day on Sunday 16th September at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballee Road West, Ballymena, Co Antrim. BT42 2HS. Full details nearer the time.
      Margaret Mc Stay
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      SATURDAY 21st July Man-O-War Charity Working Dog Show, Keady, Co Armagh   Showing for: Lurchers/Whippets/Terriers and Strong Dogs Qualifiers for The Pride of The Peaks in England Qualifiers for Shanes Castle 2019, 5 Nations Championship at Shanes Castle 2019 for Whippets/Terriers and Lurchers   Racing for: Greyhounds,Lurchers,Pups, and Whippets Qualifiers for Master McGrath at Shanes Castle 2019 Qualifiers for The Mick The Miller At Shanes Castle 2019 There will also be fantasic Prizes for the Raffle to be won on the day..   Charity Nominated : CASH FOR KIDS   Please share and come support a worthy cause :#cashforkids   Margaret Mc Stay
    • By appleblossom
      The North Armagh Dog Show and Race Day , Sunday 10thJune 18.
      As we left Portadown on Sunday morning with the dog chorus in toe, and  howling  out “The Boys from the County Armagh”, we  headed into the beautiful sunshine of a glorious June morning. As we passed the picturesque setting of Oxford Island on the shores of Lough Neagh, very shortly Kinnego Embankment came into view and our venue for the North Armagh Dog Show and Raceday. 
      We arrived in the field at approximately 10.30am, and to be honest, it was very hard to get a parking place at that time of the morning near the rings. Every year this show grows in capacity, but this year has topped them all. By the start of showing there was not a vacant parking place on this vast stretch of show ground and all parked three deep.
      As the cars and trailers emptied out on the field, it was quite evident that this was not only a dog show, but also a great family day out. It filled me with pride to see so many local stands displaying their goods to the Canine Community. “Field Sports Apparel “ owned by two of the most active country sportsmen on the field sports scene Graham Fyffe and Ian Fitzgerald were there with lots of Country Sports T shirts, badges and caps, Cahill Collars,Charlene Martin with Dog Food and muzzels, Brian Crothers with his catapults,Ice cream van, Burger and Chip van.
      The North Armagh Show brings people from all parts of Ireland and is now an annual event to look forward to. Along my trip around the rings, I had a little bit of chat, craic and banter with Niall Mc Cann and Stanley Moore with their winning strong dogs, Jonny Wilson and Freddie Hallissey with their Lurchers, Christina and Lexie Maguire with their beautiful Whippets and Mickey Thomas and David Mc Crory with their winning Terriers. All great Country Sports people, and always good for a laugh.
      Two top highlights of the day for me were the Ferrets and the Digging. 
      Matthew Downey and Simon Kelly  provided a superb display of top class entertainment in the Ferret showing and racing ring. Matthew your show is a credit to you, very well run and most enjoyable. Ferret Judge was : Barry Mc Greevy
      Ferret Showing was won by : 
      Rose Mc Coy with Andre
      Ferret Racing was won by : 
      Katelyn Maxwell with Polo.
      Well done to both ladies.
      Now we come to the digging. I cannot find words to describe the entertainment value these digging guys brought to this show. With T shirts flying in the air, Breandans wee green and yellow socks flashing in the summer sunshine, and Harrys muscles flexing everywhere, I must say my heart was thumping too fast for my age. With their women folk dousing them with water and cheering them on in a foreign language, very soon Simon Patterson blew the whistle and the entertainment of the day was over.   And what a half hour that was.
      Here are the Results
      Dig 1 ; Harry Roche and Ken Wilson  5.20
      Dig 2 : Breandan Coleman and Richard Coss 5.80
      Dig 3 : Mark Hanlon and Kieran Stanley  3.55
      And the winners are : 
      Dig 2 :  
      Breandan Coleman and Richard Coss. Congratulations to Breandan and Richard and all who took part. You are all winners and thanks for being great showmen.
      Showing Results :
      Childrens Handling Class : Conal Burke
      Whippets :
      Overall Champion Whippet
      Colin Maguire with Pepsi
      Kirsty Fyffe with Rascal
      Overall Champion Lurcher
      Freddie Hallissey with Lennox
      Jerry Owens with Finn
      Overall Champion Terriers
      Mickey Thomas with Pepsi
      David Mc Crory with Clyde
      Overall Champion Pup
      Issac Mc Cullough with Lectur
      Ken Wilson with Cleo
      Overall Champion Strong Dog
      Luke Morrow with Dollar
      Niall Mc Cann with Ralph
      ***Overall Champion and Best in Show went to: ***
      Sheamus Donnelly with Pepsi
      Freddie Hallissey with Lennox.
      Congratulations to Sheamus and Freddie and all above winners.
      Some Racing Results :
      Whippet PUP
      Mairead Fearon with Spinx
      Lurcher PUP
      Sheamus Hart with Moses
      Whippet Racing
      Barry Chambers with Alfie
      Sean Burke with Lily
      Barry Chambers with Ruby
      ***Master Mc Grath***
      Joe Leonard with Zero Scared
      Kirsty Harpur with Meghan
      ***Mick The Millar***
      Sean Burke with Milo
      Jed Donagh with Beauty
      Under 23 Mick The Miller
      Carol Ann Brown with Suki
       Under 21
      Joe Leonard with Running Scared
      Over 23
      Joe Leonard with Really Scared
      Under 23 
      Mairead Fearon with Jessie
      Kirsty Harpur with Lady
      Light Bull Cross
      Kirsty Harpur with Skylar
      Heavy Bull Cross
      Dylan Doran with Buster
      Many thanks to the Judges on the day for a job well done.
      Ferret Judge : Barry Mc Greevy
      Childrens Handling class : Margaret Mc Stay
      Whippets : Stephen Mc Gonigle
      Lurchers :  Simon Patterson
      Terriers :    Paul Mc Geown
      Strong Dogs : Simon Patterson 
      And Finally, We must not forget three very important people on the day. Kirsty Fyffe, David Carlisle and Patsy Mc Coy for their outstanding team work and brilliant organisation of all the racing events. These 3 people put some hard work and determination in on the day at the starting line in getting it all together, but you all achieved your goal 100%.  Great work Kirsty and Co.
      And Finally, Finally, I always leave the best to last. Yes Breandan Coleman, you and your team were simply the best. You run your show with impeccable organisation and skill. It was very evident a lot of preparation went on behind the scenes to make this show a most enjoyable day for everyone. All events went without a hitch, and some very happy people went home with another nice trophy for the mantle piece. 
      Breandan, you are not just a good friend, you are gentleman and an honest and true sportsman.
      We all had a most enjoyable and memorable day at the North Armagh Dog Show and Race Day. Thank you for everything and I am already looking forward to your next show in 2019.
      Margaret Mc Stay
    • By appleblossom
      ****Whoo Hoo.... Bark Bark****
      3 Top Shows to Choose from this Weekend.
      Sunday 17th June 18 (Please note New Venue) 3rd Show.
      The Sporting Whippet Club NI are having their 3rd Dog Show and Race Day on Sunday 17th June at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballee Road West, Ballymena, Co Antrim. BT42 2HS. Full details nearer the time. 
      ****Qualifiers for 5 Nations at Shanes Castle 23rd and 24th June 18.
      The Sporting Whippet Club N.I. will be holding their 3rd show & race event of 2018 this SUNDAY 17th June 18
      See below for further details:
      Whippet Show & Race Day (Pure bred whippets only)
      This Sunday 17th June 2018 Signing in for racing from 11.30am
      Ballee Road West, Ballymena, BT42 2HS
      This show is a qualifier for the Five Nations Whippet Championship at Shanes Castle Game Fair in June 2018
      Racing is split into KC registered and non KC registered dogs as follows:
      Puppy Racing
      Adult Racing
      Veteran Racing (For dogs of 6 years and over)
      All racing entries are taken at the discretion of the racing manager
      - Signing in for racing as follows:
      KC registered dogs 11.30 -12pm
      Non registered dogs 12 – 12.30pm
      Copies of KC registrations are required for booking into the KC reg. racing
      If copies of KC reg aren’t produced, these dogs will run in the Non KC Reg category.
      no late entries will be taken –
      All dogs racing at this event MUST be muzzled !!
      1. Children's Handling
      2. Baby Whippet Pup (pups under 6 months)
      3. Whippet Pup (pups 6 months - 1 year old)
      4. Whippet Dog 
      5. Whippet Bitch
      6. Working Whippet
      7. Racing Whippet
      8. Veteran Whippet (for whippets 6 years of age or older)
      9. Pairs
      BEST IN SHOW (Unbeaten dogs from classes 3,4,5,6,7&
      Anyone attending the events has to agree to abide by the clubs rules, be they a member of the club or not
      Sunday 17th June 18
      Working Dog Lurcher/Terrier/ and Hounds Show in Forkhill, Co Armagh.
      Young Handler Class
      For Your Sat Navs:
      Longfield Road
      Co Down
      BT35 9SE
      Helpful Directions
      Signposted from Newry/ Exit B119 and then junction 18 of M1 Motorway.
      ****Qualifiers for 5 Nations at Shanes Castle 23rd and 24th June 18.
      List of Classes
      Classes for Working Dog Show...
      Sunday 17th June 12pm
      1 Terrier Dog Pup (6-12mths)
      2 Terrier Bitch pup
      3 Jack Russel Dog (smooth or rough)
      4 Jack Russel Bitch
      5 Border Dog or Bitch
      6 Patterdale Dog
      7 Patterdale Bitch
      8 Lakeland / Fell Dog
      9 Lakeland /Fell Bitch
      10 Crossbred Dog or Bitch
      11 Veteran Terrier
      Champion Classes 3-10
      1 Unentered modern Foxhound Dog
      2 Unentered Old English Foxhound Dog
      3 Entered modern Foxhound Dog
      4 Entered Old English Foxhound Dog
      5 Unentered Modern Foxhound Bitch
      6 Unentered Old English Foxhound Bitch
      7 Entered Modern Foxhound Bitch
      8 Entered Old English Foxhound Bitch
      9 Stallion Hound 
      10 Brood Bitch
      11 Couple Class Foxhound and Harrier
      12 Harrier Dog (Entered or Unentered)
      13 Harrier Bitch
      14 Two Couple Bitch
      Champion Hound
      1 Lurcher Pup under 12 months 
      2 Whippet Pup under 12 months 
      3Lurcher Bitch Rough coated under 24 inches 
      4 Lurcher Dog Rough coated under 24 inches 
      5Lurcher Bitch smooth coated under 24 inches 
      6 Lurcher Dog smooth coated under 24 inches
      7 Lurcher Bitch smooth coated over 24 inches 
      8 Lurcher Dog smooth coated over 24 inches 
      9 Whippet Dog
      10 Whippet Bitch
      11 Lurcher Bitch Rough coated over 24 inches
      12 Lurcher Dog Rough coated over 24 inches
      13 Bull Cross Lurchers
      14 Whippet Veteran 
      15 Lurcher Veteran 
      16 Best Pair Whippet 
      17 Best Pair Lurcher 
      Champion Whippet, Champion Lurcher
      Supreme Championship
      ( Between Campion Hound,champion Lurcher,Champion Terrier,Champion Whippet)
      Pet Classes 
      1 Best puppy under 9 months
      2 Best pedigree small Dog
      3 Best pedigree large Dog
      4 Best crossbred small Dog
      5 Best crossbred large Dog 
      6 Best Veteran over 8 years
      7 Best. Hold handler (under 10)
      8 Waggiest tail
      9 Best Pair Dogs 
      Best of Show
      Sunday 17th June 18
      Collnakilla Harriers Dog Show and Sheep Dog Trials, Rathcormac, Co Cork. 
      ****Qualifiers for 5 Nations at Shanes Castle 23rd and 24th June 18. Show commences at 12.30 Noon. A great family day out.
      Dont you forget now.
      Margaret Mc Stay
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    • By Matthew pearson
      Fun stalking event . It will be about shot placement, knowing your rifle ballistics and bullet drop and using guidelines of law and permissions when out stalking.
      Great for the novice and challenging for the more experienced.
      Using sticks fence posts car Bonnet , bipod and free standing. You will be asked to range find and hit kill zone that will be a bit smaller than the general kill zone of a deer .
      It will also have a few thing to throw you and make you think of laws and
      Permissions .
      Will finish with paper at 300  just for fun and not to encourage 300 yard shots on deer
      Deer target
      Gongs , eggs
      And more ...
      Your need a Range finder . Open license. And a zeroed stalking moderated rifle 
      60 rounds of hunting amo
      License and insurance 
      Fly high Shooting ground Dartmouth 
      24th June 
      Fees £35.00
      Burgers tea/coffee available 
      Book with Sue 07855 404506 to confirm and for payment details 
      Many thanks