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Hi, not usually one for forums an sharing but came across this site and found most of the advice solid and very practice. Only really got into hunting last year but my partner has been working dogs all his life but had no dogs in my time. To cut a long story short we rescued a saluki/grey/whippet (we assume) and after building him up, stock breaking and perfecting recall we had a great dog. The very first time I saw him catch a rabbit in the lamp I was hooked. Now we have another Saulki, a saluki/collie/grey (we assume) a jack russell plus a pregnant bull x and looking forward to this season. The latest addition the saluki pup (9 months) is proving a challenge but mostly with destroying her surroundings (sofa/bedding etc.) and the recall, a lot more saluki in her than the rest and she has that typical standoff attitude when we run her, recall and stock breaking are how we will be spending the rest of the summer. Lucky we have the other two who are great dogs (u couldn't beat the collie x for manners!) to help school her ?

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