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Mister Gain

Rabbit Stefado

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Dug a couple of bunny's out of the freezer and made a stefado with them. Took the loins of the saddle and removed the silver skin, and utilised the 4 thighs as well.




Browned the meat in a tiny bit of olive oil, then deglazed the skillet with a good splash of red wine vinegar and added half a bottle of red wine.






Let it simmer for about an hour to reduce by half and then added chopped onion, sliced garlic, tomato puree, teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of dried oregano, put a lid on and let it cook for a further 30-45 minutes.


Not everyone's cup of tea as the vinegar gives it a bit of sharpness, but I enjoy it (especially made with beef)



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Pretty much  the  same as that but with no onion, three Bay Leaves, Tea spoon of Brown sugar , Marinade over night. When the meal is almost ready fry 20 Shallots to color them [5mins] then add to dish for a few mins to soften them.

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