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Garage Roof Advice

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My garage is still work in progress, looking for advice from members with abit more knowledge..


My garage going to be 6 metres x 6 metres, the walls will be concrete pre fab sections. Looking for ideas on the roof, because of the span, i risk the roof not being strong enough,


I was considering either having the roof sloping from one side to the other or from front to back


roof needs to be strong and also good enough to stop the walls spreading



Any help/advice is much appreciated

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Front to rear slope, boarded and joist/ wall grabbed all the way round.

Pitched would be fine on a wall plate all round but more expensive.


Industrial torch on felt for the roof ( two layers), steel edging strips - approx.` £10 per 10 ft length.



Mark, roofer 40 years.

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pitched or sloped wouldn't make a diffence, if the roof construction was built correctly it wouldn't push the walls out, are you plan on haveing it open or are your boarding the ceiling?

built up felt is better than the rubber, better lifespan and the birds don't want to peck the felt like they do with the rubber.

have a look at my web site for the cold applied liquid plastics (triflex)


but i would consider for cost to go with felt as red cap sheet is £30 for 7.5m2 a roll

and sanded layer 4mm is £30 for 9m2 a roll


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