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Had a couple of outings over the weekend to try and move the doe cull forward , heavy frosts and northerly winds don't exactly help but as the place was clear I gave it a go ..banking on the deer being tucked in the woods out of the wind I got into the wood , worked up against the breeze and pushed slowly forward , two hours later and after seeing very little I managed to get the dot on a doe and fawn , took her first at about 70 m , the fawn bolted but only went a few yds before stopping to look for the doe , it was also taken ..easy finds for the dog , in the chiller at 64lb and 39lb both were in top condition .



Another outing yesterday afternoon , again cold and frosty on the bits of the estate the sun never managed to reach I found a yearling laying in some course grass down a bank no more than fifty mtr from the track , well above her and resting against a tree she was added to the cull , slightly dodgy recovery , I never realised how steep the bank was until I was half way down on the quad ...that sorted and with the light starting to go I got in the nearest seat more as convenience than expectation but as is the way just at last light out walked another doe .

Gralloched and in the chiller at 59lb64lb ..both in top condition with good fat reserves ..

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