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man o kent

Experience/instruction For Permo

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Yes, very much so.....if I understand you right.


I hadn't been hawking long when a landowner invited me onto their land, which essentially was for him to learn some falconry. I was still learning myself, so could hardly mentor him, which he knew from the start, but he got a lot out of it & I got some great permission!


He flys a female Harris today & is still a very good friend ;-)

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Exactly what I meant. I have some permissions in Kent, a mixture of woodland, arable, pasture, and cover crop. Holding rabbit, squirrel, pheasant etc 👍

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It shouldn't be too difficult to find someone, but if you don't have any luck I could mention it to a friend in Sussex.

He flys a female goshawk & is a really decent trustworthy lad. He may not be interested, but I could ask if you want.

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