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Buck Weights

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I have only shot two really prime bucks this season, (been culling out the rubbish mostly) and they were 90kg and 94kg before dressing. What sort of weights are your good bucks coming in at? prickets have been about 45kg in the same herd

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Nowhere near those weights Beast , ive only shot a couple , both rubbish heads , the heaviest didn't go much over 70kg , prickets are low thirties ..the prickets off one of the arable farms I do are heavier , high 30 to low 40 kg ..your deer are living very well mate ..

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this herd are living in several hundred acres of national trust-managed woodland, and coming onto the local crops to feed at night, they have the best of everything and carry a lot of fat as a result. but i have to say that those two really were exceptional bucks, and both had very good heads. one of my other herds have nothing like such good conditions, and it would be a very large buck to reach 70kg, most years the best of that herd are mid 60s. these two herds are only a few miles apart! environment is clearly very important!

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