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Springer Pup Litters 2017

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Alright guys, I'm looking for a well bred springer pup next year around summer/ autumn time.

Due to building new kennels.

Thought I'd ask around and do my homework well in advance

idealy a smaller type springer.

It would be used along side terriers and lurchers on a daily basis.

Id prefer a dog pup but the other half wants a bitch and she is boss 😂😂.


Let me know if you are planning a litter that will be due or ready to go around this time

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I can give you a number of a man I know he's big into his spaniels he has his own line now registered with the kennel club it's called teighnsedge spaniels or something made up of mainly Ian ipenshaws springers, I'm sure he will be having a litter, inbox me if I can help

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