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Cabelas 'instinct' 1200Grm Boot

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I got a pair of these delivered to my mates house outside Houston in US, and he brought them over few days ago along with a few other bits I had bought.


Must say so far pretty impressed, light to wear/warm/watertight etc,like the attached gaiter set up,with easy locking system on boot.


I was looking for a similar pair made by Crispi but couldn't locate in UK and no Crispi dealer here could get hold of a pair either so went for these from Cabelas, and bonus - I actually got sent 2 pairs (one in error) mate was none the wiser so brought both pair over from States,contacted Cabelas, and as they are in UK, was told to keep them as I have a decent purchase history/no external/original boxes, and cost to get them back to USA, so good on Cabelas for that one





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I wear cabelas last pair latest 4yrs before letting water in,never cleaned em either.the new pair I just got don't seem to be as good,well see!!

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Just been in to see if they have any of these in stock as there's a footwear sale on and Black Friday sale in a few days,they are sold out,got some decent Irish setter boots that fit like a glove and feel comfortable from the getgo.

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