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Dropping Short

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It's just a suggestion but I wonder if a return to basics might help. Is it that she gets tired, bored or frustrated. There are two things that I would try and I'm not sure if either would work. Firstly. as daft as it sounds just get her to retrieve from an arms distance and reward her with however she responds best. after a couple of days try a leg length, then a body length. You get the idea. Another way could be as she is on her way back turn and walk away, she might keep coming without dropping short. I was very lucky with mine I never had that problem but I did have plenty of others. I'd be interested to here if this works and if not what other people suggest. Good Luck.

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I don't know if you have been giving treats for a successful retrieve ?

If you have then stop doing so as they will often spit the dummy in anticipation of the treat.


Best bet is as soon as she picks the dummy up turn your back on her and leg it in the opposite direction , once she has almost caught you up turn around , hopefully she will still have the dummy if she has take it and give lots of praise while using your best girly voice :laugh:

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Back to the narrow alley my friend. Sit your dog down, steady it and throw the dummy over it's head along the alley. Wait as long as you think right and give the go back signal to retrieve. With any luck and because it hasn't a big area to go round you, and with huge expansive bring it on gestures and vocals together with a massive good dog you should have the dummy in your hand. At this stage I wouldn't bother with the hold the dummy routine because that will come later. I never bother with treats, just plain common sense praise. If this praise is given to all aspects of the training then the little dog will virtually turn itself inside out with glee. Good luck. Jok.

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