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    Professionally I am second year student nurse. I have a keen love of gardening, and all nature alongside the majority of field sports. Having worked English Springer Spaniels whilst growing up and entering local field tests and scurries I am now beginnign my journey into long dogs with my two year old rescue Sluki x something lurcher Merlin
  1. Boris is Foreign Secretary Andrea Leadsum is Secretary of State for farming David Davis Secretary of State for Brexit Liam Fox Secretary of State for International Trade Priti Patel Secretary of State for International Development So who are the people you talk about that have 'abandoned us'? Hiya Shepp, perhaps what I should've said is that now we are out they have taken on other posts where they won't be making any real input the results. I can't speak for the majority of Scitland but I do think she's trying to suit her own Age da rather than any real concern over Scotland itself. To be honest the both sides fought a terrible campaign with those of us who voted out being labelled racists which is laughable. I owe my life to immigrant surgeons a s doctors.
  2. When the first independence referendum came about I took particular interest because I am a Welsh Nationalist and had always hoped we would one day return to being an independent nation however things have changed. When Scottish friends of mine were not allowed to vote because the no longer lived in Scotland and yet ex pats were allowed to recently vote in the recent EU referendum I saw the double standards and how these might have influenced the results. Scotland does have much to offer but the main thing which is as we know the oil is only a finite resource. However there are some amazing technological companies up around Aberdeen I think and Scotland is becoming known for it's ingenuity and so maybe it could survive. What I didn't like was how Nicola Sturgeon played the tactical "I'm only interested in protecting Scotland card" when all along she is simply looking to further her own aims, the same as any politician. I just hope she isn't going to do to Scotland what the Bexit brigade have done for us. I voted to leave the EU for reasons to do with my line of work and because the sanctions imposed upon the UK farmers were crippling them but now we have gotten the result it seems as those loudest campaigning for it have left to abandon us all to our fate. If Scotland were to ever gain independence I would wish them all the luck and just hope that once she has led them there that Nicola would not simply leave them drifting up the creek
  3. I'm a student nurseand part of this means that if we see omeone in trouble we have to help, okay it's not a wrtten rule but if it later because known that we had not at least checked on him we wouldn't be thought very highly of. I've often done thigns like this and I'm really glad you did. I also have friends who are homless, yes they are friends because I've gotten to know them. It sounds somewhat cliched but not everyone who is on the streets is a drug addict or alcoholic and everyone has a story. It's the same as not everyone who has a roof over their head is a nice person. People like you restore my faith in humanity and so thank you.
  4. I wasn't going to directly answer this but you've clearly got a chip on your shoulder. With a name like that and the way you can't respond with calling me c**t. It also shows how stupid you are. Part of the responsibility of taking a dog from a rescue centre is that if it doesn't work out you take it back and not just pass it on to anyone. Maybe you would've done that but I at least took it back to a place where it's safety was secured and no, they don't ever put animals down. I could tell you the name of the center for you to do your own research but you probably wouldn't. It is obvious on a forum like this everyone is bound to have an opinion and I asked for those opinions but you're clearly an expert. If that's the case why aren't you giving constructive advice instead of trying to be the big man with name calling. This is an adult forum, people have differences of opinion and different ways of doing things. As for dragging Katie B into it, what's your problem, do you like to try and belittle people, You're everything that is wrong with field sports and why the public are so against us. No wonder our sports are being threatened when we have spokespeople like you to represent us.
  5. I think it was a combination of a couple of things Rusty. Yes it was a very short time and yes a rescue dog does come with a potential set of problems. I think if I wasn't working then it would have been different because I then wouldn't have had to rush to make decisions but also I think it's going to be a good idea to do a bit more background research. We were told similar things about Freya and her energy levels are really high and so we are used to that, what we were struggling with was the destructive part of his behaviour but lessons learned and really we shouldn't have taken in a dog that the rescue center had not properly assessed so again lesson learned. I've read through all he responses to this and to be honest some of them aren't worth the time it took people to write them but again, I put the post out and so even the idiots were bound to have their say.
  6. A life time of success bested by a dog in 2 days haha. Serious question without having a dig what kinds of walks were you going that you could manage 6 a day ? I was speaking about the people who clearly have never had a problem or think they are super owners. I was taking around our local park where he could run himself out with our other dog as well as out by himself to build the bond. So yes he was getting plenty of exercise but it was a valid question.
  7. I agree with the majority of what you've said. We certainly had the ad story with him and yes they had their £150:00 which we didn't get back. The garden I can see your opinion but it's also where my granddaughter plays and I had moved the important stuff out the front. I can see how you might think I'm being petty but when every waking momentnofnthe day was spent chasing around after him after walking him then yes it did get too much. I'm not giving excuses or sob stories we tried and it didn't work out but the dog will be rehomed with more information than we had and I will get another dog I. Time but from a pup that I can train my way and not have to undo someone else's mistakes. On another point maybe there needs to be different system for rehoming working dogs than pets because there is a whole new set of issues that come into play. That way people like me wouldn't take on a dog we have no experience with and the Rehoming centre would know exactly the things thyme need from the perspective owners other than just a roof over its head and money in their pot.
  8. There have been some really interesting responses to this post and others that I've just laughed at because I kind of expected it. I guess I was expecting a bit of ragging over the time frame and that's par for the course of asking questions in an open forum. I'm sure we've all done things we've messed up on. I just had the balls to admit my mistakes and ask for advice for more experienced people. To the odd few who've tried to have a pop, so be there's keyboard warriors everywhere and I'm glad you've been fortunate enough to have had a lifetime of success. I'm not letting the experience put me off and I'll be doing a lot more research and speaking to the people here who've offered sound advice.
  9. no thank you I don't need a cat but having to walk around continuously after him wasn't working. He's not a pup he's between two and five and so should be through the chewing stage and I'd moved most things from one garden to the back but he was just relentless and he was walked at least six times a day.
  10. I write this with some trepidation because I'm sure there will be some who completely disagree with what I am about to say and will consider me to be irresponsible and some may even consider me to be crule but I write this with two aims. To highlight what I feel is an important point and to hopefully dissuade others making the same mistake. In the space of a week Merlin (the resuce dog) chewed everything in sight and dug holes everywhere in the garden. He was impossible to leave alone and unattended even for a second as he would chew something else even as soon as you took it off him he would go for something else. It got to the point that Freya our other rescue dog was constantly on edge and cowering because she thought we were telling her off. I had previously asked advice about muzzling but the idea of doing that long term didn't sit easy with me and even though people had suggested crates I didn't think it fair to crate one dog when the other was free. Last night we were even looking at doggy day care and then when he had dug yet another hole in the garden and then my wifes plant pots seconds later we decided enough was enough. Merlin was found on the streets presumed dumped by gypsies although this is not a criticism I like as I have friends who are Romany gypsy and they treat their animals better than some children. In short Merlin has had to go back to the rescue center as he simply wouldn't have been able to have been left for the two days a week there was nobody at home. This has not been undertaken lightly and I might be a grown man but I was almost in tears this morning because Merlin represented so much more than just a dog. He was a way to get back into field sports and a way of reconnecting with he memories of my father who passed away last year. This does highlight one thing and that is for anyone considering a lurcher that there are plenty of good reliable breeders out there and sometimes it is better to get from a pup to train it the way you want from the very start, A dog of his age with the uncertain backstory is bound to have problems and whilst we were keen to egt another dog and I wanted to get a working dog it isn't always a good idea to get a dog of which you know nothing of its past. I do not post this lightly and I am feeling awful about returning him but I do know for certain that he will not be out to sleep and this week with us has at least allowed us to gove a clearere assessment of what he is truly like. I jsut hope now he finds a place where he will be with someone who will give him the full time attention he needs and he won't need to be left alone even for short periods.
  11. Good evening everyone, For those that have seen my previous posts the last couple days you will know I am new to long dogs and so am having to go on something of a steep learning curve, for those that haven't seen my previous posts might I ask you to see if you can find them so I don't bore everyone else by repeating myself. I realise that this might be a "how long is a piece of string type question but bare with me if you will. Merlin my saluki x something lurcher is currently exercised with our other rescue dog who is a Ridgeback x Doberman. Whilst she is very high energy from the moment she is let of the lead he is far more relaxed and will just stand there. He does run with her but is reluctant to do so and I wonder are they a dog that is more of a walker and watcher than just run about everywhere. If this is the case then I will need to just walk them seperately so I can tire her out and then just encourage him by walking around with him. Often as well he will be fixated upon one thing and despite being discouraged will return time and time again. I don't know if this is a breed thing or a result of the time he was a stray. Any advice would be appreciated thank you,.
  12. Fair play to you pal you're obviously seriously dedicated to providing the best for your mutts, it's great to see Hi Dave, thank you. If I want the best out of him I have to put in the time and if necessary added expense. I've had an arguement with the wife last night because she wanted him as a pet but I have said he's a working dog. All our Springers were working dogs but great pets as well but it's funny how we are arguing over him as if he's a bloody child. It's all about balance. He's obviously got to be loved and cared for but he can also be trained to do his natural instincts. I'm looking forward to the whole thing and that's why I'm happy to learn from people here.
  13. This is what we were told when we collected Merlin on Sunday. They think he was dumped by gypsies but this might be unfair as my best friends is from a Romany gypsy family and their animals were always spoilt rotten so it's often not true gypsies who dump their animals. Having said that I can only speak for the Animal rehoming place we got Merlin form and they have said they get so many lurchers brought in to them and it's often harder for these dogs as they are adult and people are unwilling to give hem a chance.. I would suggest considering it because that way you can save an animals life and give it a second chance and learn without spending hundreds of pounds on a full pedigree.
  14. This is actually a really good point. So far he's starting to form a very good bond and who knows it might be the first time he's ever had any kindness. He's more mischievous if that makes sense than wanton destructive and he has so many other positive points when you consider his background that I don't want to destroy his confidence and in time he might stop it. I'm just over the bridge from you in Chepstow is the working ground good down your part of Somerset. My family are originally from Long Sutton and I went to Cannington to do my horticulture. My in laws are in Burnham so despite being Welsh people think I'm from the west country.
  15. The kennel isn't an option and so the other would be a crate however I've just found a local service that would take him all day for me. If I'd known I'd be arranging dog sitters for him I'd have left him there. I say that jokingly I don't mind doing it because I didn't like the idea of him being muzzled and similarly to crate him when the other one isn't would seem cruel but thank you to everyone who has offered advice.
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