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.22-250 Reloeding For A Newbie

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Hi all planning on getting into reloeding for my .22-250. I've always been happy using factory rounds especially the Hornady superformance 50g rounds which she loves. How would I find the load data for this factory round so I can copy it into home loads



Kind regards


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could be hard if you dont know the powder in the factory loads !,if you know what the bullet(head) from the pack is you can probably get the bullets ok in the uk ,its not rocket science working a load up that suits your gun its just something that you need to take care with ! is there anyone local that you know who could show you what to do ?

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I remember reading somewhere the powder in the super performance buckets wasn't the same as that hodgdon powder but I wouldn't have thought it be different can't remember where I red it. There's loads of powders that suit a 22-250 mate I've never known one not to like varget try that work up a load with hornady vmax if that's what you like

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MY RFD told me you can't buy the powder Hornady use in superformance - so this might be a new thing or the nearest to what they actually use. Superformance are loaded hot, so your loads will probably be near the upper end of the scale.

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