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S510 Carbine Thumbhole

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Morning all, yesterday I picked up a new s510 in a rather beautiful thumbhole stock, this came about when I walked into my local fishing/gun shop and I was presented with it without asking, stuart knows me too well haha and knew this one was for me, I was going to buy a hw100 off a friend which caused me some dilema but side by side in the shop there is no comparison in my opinion, yes yes I know side levers bla bla but the weight,feel and frankly the quality feel of this s510 next to a hw100t is a different league, but the hw100 is self regulating I hear you say, frankly a reg deems irrelevant after the chrono session only advantage of a reg is levelling the sweet spot, (I'm leaving room here to edit later when I got to the truck to get the chrono readings) as you may know, or you may not, my last rifle was an r10 mk2 with a huma reg and that was mightly impressive with consistency and accuracy but the un regged 510 is matching it every step of the way evenafter just a couple hundred pellets through it yesterday, another bonus for me is it likes the got ot pellet for me wich is aa fields, after chrono time it was time to try and zero ish my scope in the 20 mph winds, yeh 5 shots to zero, im quite a good guesser at adjustment ha, so at 40 yards its putting in 10 shot groups covered by a 20p coin in bad weather, I was amazed at how good a start me and this s510 have got off too, hopefully I can upload some pics now I have a computer,i will try later, I'm looking forward to going to the range this morning to shove a few hundred more pellets through it and get the scope dialled in 100% weather permitting,failing that il be in the barn for a zero and get used to it before going out on the rabbits tonight, early days to recommend this rifle on performance but the early signs are great, see how its doing a month down the line eh.

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looking for a s510 my self, but want the supper lite hunter carbine in 177. will sell my s410 classic then or part x it.

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I had a look at one of these last week whilst in Suffolk, very nice indeed. I want a .22, not selling the HW100 .177 though and have looked at a number of guns but to be honest I have simply removed guns from my wish list as time goes by and my cash is tied up in a camper van conversion that is almost finished, once sold, I will splash the cash.


I do like the Ultra and have it tuned by Airtech but confess I am not so keen on bolt action compared to side lever. The Rapid and Wildcat are still in the frame as well.


I am drifting on your post, sorry...................nice gun and I hope you enjoy owning it.



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