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Teaching The Go Back/ Get Out Further Command

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Having trouble teaching one of my spaniels this command. Have tryed all sorts. Any advice guys? Had great advice of here from a guy for teaching my spaniel to stop & hup. Got a different issue with another? Lol. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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Use the three dummy's

Left right and back

Sit it up throw dummy over its head ,leave it a minute to settle and then use the go back command to fetch it

Gradually build the distance ,then start doing it when you have planted the dummy

It's all about getting the dog to trust you .......when you send it back there will always be a retrieve out there somewhere

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If you can find it, try a long narrow passage similar to the ones between terraced houses. Clearly anything similar is good/ Your dog will be sitting in front of you maybe 2/3 yards. She/he has been given hup so should be fairly settled. Throw the dummy over it's head but not too far. wait a little while to ensure steadiness and then give go back command with the big hand signal as well. The point being that your dog can only go in one direction and clearly there is the object of your desire. The retrieve. Huge amounts of praise and leave it for today. I remember Tony Kirby telling me over and over again to 'ring the changes'. Don't bore the dog. Little and often. Good luck anyway. (I we'nt on to win a few trophies with that spaniel, SWEEP.)

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