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Pheasant Shooting 21St November 2015

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Here is my latest video from our small syndicate shoot last Saturday.


With overnight snow in the hills we were hoping for a good day & perhaps a couple of woodcock. However, it turned out very wet which ruined the shooting & also some of the camera work.


We ended up getting 6 pheasants, 1 woodcock & 1 rabbit. I was happy with my return of 2 pheasants for 2 shots, but the bag woulda been bigger only for some terrible shooting from the other lads 😜.


Anyway here is the short video, hopefully the next day the weather is better and I can get better footage:



My channel:



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Good stuff Ollie. It looks like as area just made for woodcock.


Thanks Neil. To be honest we never get many woodcock on our pheasant shoot. Like you say, it looks made for them, but for some reason we don't get many.

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