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Lamp Batteries.

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Hello can anyone help me with advice on batteries. What's the best battery to use when lamping with running dogs. I'm specifically interested in light batteries but they must also give a good use time. So can anyone tell me what is the best smallest battery. I'm currently looking at a deben tracer 14ah 12v. Any thoughts?

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I got a ledray 100 by debam with the recharger for night outs shooting well in the field one night I had my lamp on when all of a sudden I heard an almighty bang .when I found out it was my battery what had gone bang and when I looked at the lamp the unit had welded its self together.when I sent the lamp back to them I was told I had put a none rechargeable batterie in with a rechargeable batterie and that's what made it exploded on me .but what did my head in was there both looked the same and was the same make its just one said rechargeable on it and one didn't .but to be honest no matter what that should not have happened.when ye out on a night ye cant see the rechargeable sign on it.pls look out for this

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