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English Pointer Retrieving

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Got an English pointer pup that I'm intending to work under the hawk. Anyway today I took the pup out and shot a rabbit with the catty and filmed him retrieving it. From the day we got him he's always had a natural instinct to retrieve fetching his toys first call. After putting a video of him on facebook I've been told to never do it again as it will ruin him when I come to work him with the hawk. It will make him want to chase game rather than leaving it for the hawk? What's peoples thoughts on this? I'd rather him work with the hawk than pick up game on a mooch so I need some tips as he's my first working dog but saying that I'd rather him do both. Cheers lads

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All I do with mine mate is let them go on point send them in to flush as soon as it lifts sit the dog and make it stay there . I've never had no problems . I go picking up twice a week and get out as much as I can pigeon/duck shooting etc

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I have a english pointer, she retrieves and she doesn't retrieve my hawks!


Teaching to retrieve is a good thing it allows you to control the dog more. I throw a ball, drop her on the whistle and recall before allowing her to fetch it. Not every time but it teaches the dog it can't do as it pleases,





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