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Help Balance Scale Not Zeroing Lyman

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Ive been using my lyman scale for 1.5 years now its been good up to now


Ive only reloaded around 6/700 rounds with it.


If i zero it as it says in the manual

Set to zero on small and large adjustment

then screw up and down until lines are level with each other yes very simple i know


But after i zero it the throw a charge in it and trickle it up to deaired weight if i remove powder from try then set to zero again it never stays inline again


Any reasons this is happening.


ps i close windows and doors when reloading to stop draft moving scale.

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Well search the web for hours there to see what was wrong with the scale


And the thing i found was a guy blowing on about balnace sscalesand well think ive sorted it


as i keep my scales in there box in a drawer apparently the slightest bit of heat can make a difference


So i went to the reload bench and set scale up zeroed it and left it for a hour odd


[BANNED TEXT] i went back to look at it it had dropped abit so re zeroed it bobbed it up and down afew times and it returned to zero each so think im gonna leave it out of the drawer and make a dust cover for it.


Hope thats it

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I would put them in the bin lol go buy yourself a rcbs charge master combo will never go wrong all I ever use for reloading

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