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sean goshawk

My Northern Goshawk

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Wee bit of manning eatting a rabbit leg in the house when the other half is away out.😄😄

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Well after having a busy few weeks working I put the goss weight up to get time to work him .today he was 1lb 10 oz and showed him a rabbit wasn't sure of it first as he just looked at it and then was surprised him went of the glove and nailed It straight on the head hold let hope that's him going


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marshall 434 FM 100 channel  this will be three year old on 2nd of Feb  and comes with three transmitters there are the rt uhf .mx micro .mx 1/3n high power transmitter from falconry electronics this come from all magnetic turn off and on and case original box spare batterys and battery meter reader. Will take bank transfer you and if it's PayPal there be a fee to add to it as and will post it free to Ireland and UK to be far with you's so to international shipping there be sorry about that as it cost more to ship over .and price is in pounds not euro .£850



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