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Unwanted Adds

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Does anybody know how to stop unwanted adds when i am reading these forums, i have the RSPB add coming up on the top of the page, i do not want it as they piss in the same pot as the league against cruel sports.

I also have the cat protection whatever, and i dont want them neither i hate frigging cats, ironic really when you way up the damage cats do to birds,

anyone know what to do??






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You can install AdBlock as a browser plugin in either Firefox or Google Chrome which will stop all adverts. It's really very, very good & is always the first thing I install into a new browser. If you are unfortunately still using Internet Explorer, please consider instantly replacing it with either Firefox (my own preference) or Chrome, as Internet Explorer has all of the security benefits of leaving your wallet on the passenger seat of a convertible, & then parking in a dodgy alleyway.

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