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Normally on the odd occasion when I do have to set wires for a problem fox I get him after a while.

It's myself who's suffering from a rouge fox at the moment and I set a few and yesterday morning one snare was fully pulled but empty. A bit of fur proved it was a fox but the surrounding undergrowth proved he got out of it quickly.

Those of you snare plenty is there anything I could do apart from remove the stop and is this common ?

It might have been a small vixen that was in it but the one I'm after is a large dog and the cheeky b*****d left a scat beside it last night.

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Tension the wire so that it fires at the slightest touch. I use a screwdriver, but some use a six inch nail. The tension imparted will hold the loop at the desired angle and will only fire once the bottom loop is touched. That's what loaded is. :victory:

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Loading the snare isnt the easiest thing to do without damaging the wire if you havent done it befor .Pull the wire too tight and the wire twists and become useless . Have a look on you tube at some of the guys in the USA building loaded snares this will give you the right idea .

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