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Training A 7 Month Old Lurcher Any Tips?

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Hi there Two weeks ago i got myself a 7 month old grey whip x grey beddy she is a lovely little bitch no problems round the house and gets on fine with my Brittany spaniel no problem.

Just wondering if any of you guys out there have some good advice on the training of her started all the recall stuff with her in the garden but haven't done any work in the field yet because she seems to be a bit snappy with other dogs whilst on the lead whilst out and about(is this just the terrier in her)

Would be useing her for a lot of ferreting and a little lamping any advise would be appricated.

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Stock training?


Making sure its ok around sheep, cows and horses and any thing else not on menu really ? oh and obviously ferrets but I would imagine you are on that one

I forgot cats as well :)

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Electrocute the fuucker as often as possible (providing he's a naughty boy), make sure you never allow it to lick it's own balls/vagina in the house and never ever allow it to piss without permission ;)


As for training tips, I have a book available in word format titled "how to get the best of your dogs through abuse" it's critically aclaimed and sells for 400 normally I'll sell it to you for a fiver ;) THL discount mate ;)

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Mines very iffy regarding cats, which isn't for want of trying I just never seemed to find a cat with enough balls not to run off, first dog I've had that wasn't good with cats. Donkey's also caught me out will run in to donkeys and bounce around and then come straight in, odd really but good with everything else we've met. I mean everything to bloody dog. lol.

Expect a few hiccups starting all that at 7 months also.

I dont very often meet many donkeys when im out and about but will keep that in mind mate.

Are you thinking 7 months is a little to young to start her its just thats around about when i started my britany and he is working quite well on the phesant shoot now are these lurchers a bit later starters, i only ask as this is my first dog for rabbits so its all a learning curve for me to.

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