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  1. I am in Bristol and anyone near here would know that there's not a lot of rabbits left around here. So I am calling to anyone on here has ground with a lot of rabbits to come and help them clear them. I do have ground but I'm struggling to get double figures now and need to leave it alone really to replenish to numbers, lots of hard work for very little numbers. I am a grafter whilst out have all my own kit (loads of long net, purse nets, finders, gate nets I've got it all) I have a truck to drive the fields, and I'm willing to travel up to two hours from south Bristol for the right numbers. HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP, THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  2. Yes i am on facebook there is some good groups on there, i am currently making 4ft nets but think they are bit to big for the hedge rows i work, do you get a nice shape to the net you have described?
  3. I have just started to make my own purse nets at the moment i am youtube taught, i am after any tips on whats the best shapes and number of row ect for a all around net any tips or help would be appriecated.
  4. Hi there i also live in somerset and enjoy beating with my spanial where abouts is your shoot?
  5. Hi there did you manage to get these rabbits sorted the weekend?
  6. Hi sam where abouts in this lovely town you from and what sort of shooting you up to bud.
  7. Hi there im in somerset and i do venture down your way with the ferrets and get some resonable numbers have you been out yet?
  8. Hi there good luck with it all mate perms are hard to come by but keep pluging away. Where abouts you to bud.
  9. I dont very often meet many donkeys when im out and about but will keep that in mind mate. Are you thinking 7 months is a little to young to start her its just thats around about when i started my britany and he is working quite well on the phesant shoot now are these lurchers a bit later starters, i only ask as this is my first dog for rabbits so its all a learning curve for me to.
  10. Yeh makes sence now already on it have horses in the fields I walk on the night and going into a friends field full of sheep the weekend think she has had a bad experience some where though
  11. Hi there Two weeks ago i got myself a 7 month old grey whip x grey beddy she is a lovely little bitch no problems round the house and gets on fine with my Brittany spaniel no problem. Just wondering if any of you guys out there have some good advice on the training of her started all the recall stuff with her in the garden but haven't done any work in the field yet because she seems to be a bit snappy with other dogs whilst on the lead whilst out and about(is this just the terrier in her) Would be useing her for a lot of ferreting and a little lamping any advise would be appricated.
  12. Can you send me some more details about age some pics
  13. thanks mate he aint selling her no more though decided to keep her
  14. hi mate sounds like a cross which would suit me well i have just PM you with my details can you send me some pics of mum and more details please bud
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