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Little Butch

Starting Barf...

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Picking my first lurcher up this weekend so trying to get my head around feeding!

I've got a mate who owns a butchers shop so I'm trying to give him a list of what I want and get him to mince it. He said he can get chicken carcass, pigs heart, lung and tongue. Whould that he alright or would you recommend mixing in some more meat?


Planning to feed with whole grain bread?

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Pups need protein ... Chicken ... Beef ... Lamb ... Turkey ... A little offal mixed in is ok ........

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Just get all his off cuts from the shop ... That will be plenty ......

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He reckons that they don't get much. Might have to ask another butcher, I guess I could then feed the mince he's going to do me with chunks of offcuts mixed in. What about bread, veg? Just trying to keep it as simple as possible but with everything the pup needs...

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Good Veggies' & Fruits to Feed



(Foods you can feel good about feeding. Add lots of green leafy vegetables)


Romaine (COS) Lettuce - High nutritional value

Ice Berg Lettuce - has no nutritional value but is OK to feed. You can use

as a filler.

Tomatoes (avoid the leaves and stems) -

Carrots - These are high in sugars so be careful

Celery - Not much nutritional value but is a good diuretic.

Bok Choy -


Oranges -

Apples (not the seeds) -


Bananas -

Alfalpha Sprouts -

Bell Peppers (Capsicum) - red, green and yellow

Fresh Pumpkin (not the canned pie filling) -

Silver Beat -

Beet Root -

Kale -

Cilantro -

Mustard Greens -

Dandelions -


Yams -

Sweet Potatoes -

Asparagus -

Jicama (remove skin) -

Parsnip -

Turnips -

Sprouts -


Caution Veggies' & Fruits

(Foods you can feed but with cautions)



Garlic - fed in small amounts is very beneficial for your dog. It is

considered natures antibiotic. However, to much can cause anemia and upset

stomach. So when making your veggie mix, use 1-3 cloves but no more.

Grapes / raisins- (in high amounts) Dogs exhibit gastrointestinal problems,

including vomiting and diarrhea and then signs of kidney failure with an

onset of severe kidney signs starting about 24 hours after ingestion of the

grapes or raisins.

Eggplant - OK to feed the fruit but avoid any other parts. They can cause

upset stomach, drooling, lethargy, heart failure

Avocados (& leaves) - Stay away from the leaves. The fruit part is OK to

feed in small amounts.

Spinach, Swiss Chard, and Rhubarb - OK in small amounts. While these are not

toxic, they are high in oxalic acid, a compound that interferes with calcium

absorption, so don't feed these very often.

Cabbage/Broccoli/Cauliflower - OK to feed in small amounts but may cause

gas. If fed frequently and in large amounts these will depress the thyroid.




Cautions: If your dog is diabetic or has arthritis and has/had cancer then

you may want to stay away from underground veggies because they convert to

starch/sugar which aggravates arthritis. Cancer cells also thrive on sugars.


Bad Veggies' & Fruits



(Foods to be avoided all together)

Onions & (onion powder) - upset stomach, and can cause Heinz body anemia.

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Brilliant, Thankyou socks! I guess I'll just adjust the food as I go along until I've got it right!

I don't know what she's being fed on at the moment but what's the best way to change food. Change it gradually?

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I've only had her two days so she's still settling in, a bit nervous but getting there. She'd barely touch her food before but was obviously hungry. Just put down just under half a lb of Irish beef mince along with a slice of bread and a carrot chopped up and she wolfed it down!


I'm picking up some minced chicken carcass, lung and heart tomorrow so am going to mix in some of this beef mince I've got as well as veg from the list socks kindly provided me with!


Still trying to get my head around amounts but I guess it's trial and error. I haven't weighed her but she's 24tts and finely built (can get my hand across her chest just about).

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Start off with a pound of mince a day then add your veg etc and see how you go ... Add or take away depending on what the dog looks like ... You will have it sorted in a month ........

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Cheers guys! She seemed to have heaps more energy this morning on her walk. Running around like a lunatic, just burning off exess energy? Not sure if it's the new food or just a coincidence as she's only just had her second bowl of raw?

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A good home made diet is good stuff, not BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) but a home made diet. It needs to be balanced and adding variety helps to a degree. With veggies if it’s the only one you have then get the Mrs to cook a little extra of what you have each night and give with feed along with the rest of the table scraps and Bobs your uncle. Avoid onions and garlic as you don’t know how sensitive your dog is

A low grade anaemia often goes un noticed but will reduce performance.





Dr Arleigh Renolds professor of veterinary nutrition and champion dog musher over sprint distances

ie having over 20years both practical and academic knowledge having studied this area in-depth suggest



An appropriate feeding regime for sprint type canine athletes consists of a diet that contains approximately 25% calories from protein, 30% calories from fat and 45% calories from carbohydrates



The meat you feed should supply the protein and fat so 55% meat with 45% carbs and veggies. I wouldn’t just use bread but look for variety with pasta, oats etc as well for the carb source.

Regards s


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Just picked up 15lb of minced chicken carcass, heart liver and lung and am now mixing it in a bucket with some Irish beef mince then I'll bag it all back up at 1/2lb for each feed morning then evening... Then rake it from there :)

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