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Hello lads,


I'm looking for a like-minded shooting partner to come out shooting and ferreting also taking the dogs out. I am 15 but have been hunting for as long as I can remember and my last shooting partner was 26 ( and I was still better than him ;) ) so it doesn't matter what age or gender. The lad I used to go shooting with is now going in to the marines so I am now left alone which is why I am looking for a friend. I have over 500 acres of permission with more rabbits than grass ;) which we can go on any time. There is not only rabbits tho as there is a wide range of big and small game round where I live in Staffordshire. My hunting partner could do with being close but as long as you can get to and from my place it should be fine and I will also provide transport to the various permission spots. Message me if anyone's interested. I hope there's some good times ahead :thumbs:




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Hi I'm set in derby got a air rifle few ferrets few dogs would love to get out an do a bit I'm 37 don't need transport as I have my own I'm half hour drive from you that's a bonus have lamps nets callers get back to me any time cheers mate regards ste

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