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On The Golf Course

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The only time ive seen her cause slight damage to the green was winter gone, lots of surface water, she lost her footing, in all honesty, the number of bunnies actually caught on the green, i can count on one hand, but fantastic to see, most of her catches, are in woodlands that surround the green, her last one pictured, she forced onto the green, last year, you cold walk the course and it was riddled with myxi, but now, lots of healthy ones, so i dont go very often, save em for winter, unless myxi rears its ugly head again, ive got quite a bit of permission , Cheshire, Staffordshire, and now some required today in Shropshire, to be honest with you lads, its just great to be out with my mate Nell, i love it, she loves and lives for it, so i do the right thing by her, and give her the work, im already contemplating where to go tomorrow, whether she catches or not doesnt bother me, winter or summer, fek it im off out

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