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Which Light Is The Best??

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Good evening people,


I am wanting a small lamp that can be scope mounted, I have been looking at some on amazon that take my fancy but would like to hear what you have to say first. The one I am thinking of getting is the cree t6 1200 lumen, I am not looking to spend more than 25 quid as I have spent sooooooo much on my hw35 :) and will only use it on the odd occasion.


Cheers guys


ATB Nathan

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Cheers fellas, well I ordered the cree t6 1200 lumen and will have it tomorrow, I will be writing a full review of it and post pics to go with it :), and yea Lewis I have entered in to the british springer champs, my old man wanted to come so I'm gunna travel down with him and I will meet up with you and Daryl there if that's ok, I will pm you my number. The hw35 was shooting beautifully, pellet on pellet on pellet at 35-37yards then the spring broke :( so it has been replaced with a reduced Titan xs, needless to say it is much higher in power and I am really not used to It yet, I might need to come and see you to have it chronod if that's ok :)

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Tracer tactical 800, it's a bit of a beast in my eyes. But that's probably just because that's what I use, however I'm saving up for a nitesite ns200 which I'll get next month, I recommend u wait it out and do the same as the nitesite is a brilliant tool for hunting and well worth the wait.

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