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Rifle Scope

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Hi folks I know this has been asked before but I would like a high mag scope for my 223, I know most people prefer fixed mag but I need to develop my homeloads and need a good picture to check them at 200 yards, I have a tight budget at the moment but will upgrade in the future, I have been looking at richter scopes and ags jsr etc are these any cop? Not much recoil on the 223 but anyone used these on centrefire rifles?

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When you say high magnification,how high would you like it to be? Are there any other considerations regarding magnification range, tube diameter, objective size as well as parallax adjustment? Do you need a BDC turret or BDC reticle for a specific 223 load?

How much are you looking to invest?

I have been involved in shooting industry in Canada for 9 years and have dealt with questions like yours on daily basis.

Hope I can be of help.

Best regards,


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With a tight budget (you don't state what it is and cheap to one guy is dear to another) I should look at the highest quality scopes that you can afford second hand. 3-9 x 40 will allow you to see bullet strikes at 200yards if you shoot into the correct things. Try making your own shoot and see targets, there are lots shown on u-tube.

remember for normal use on fox etc. you don't need a great amount of magnification 9x is equivalent to the actual distance / 9 . Yes even 4x mag at 200 yards is equivalent to using open sights at 50 yards. 8x mag is only opens at 25 yards. So don't suffer the reduced field of view and poor image resolution without re-focusing, increased risk of parallax error and larger size /weight that comes with mega magnification scopes all for the want of seeing your bullets land better on paper. Remember also that cheap lenses at high mag wont have the resolution of high grade glass at lower settings

If your comparing home loads at 200yards you will likely need to use a vernier to see much difference anyhow as once the right bullet is in the tube there wont or rather shouldn't be much in it, certainly not that you might discern through the scope anyhow

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