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Hey buddy...


Theres a tutorial at the top of the section... how to make your own from a natural fork...


Go and find a fork... stick to the tutorial... and you will have something good enough to hunt with... for free...


Theres also a thread on how to make your own bandsets....


Everything you need to get started at minimal cost :thumbs: ...

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Just had a look thought the tutorial. I'm gonna make one also. I have a block of sapele off cut 8x2 and will keep my eyes out for some decent forks. Gonna have a look tomorrow in the woodland near my house. Any tree ok or just the ash,oak,elm etc?

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Be careful using boardcut hardwoods mate, if you get a fork strike they snap down the grain pretty easily, had it happen to me few weeks ago, if you can get some 18mm ply, draw a few templates, cut them out then see which design you get on with the best, once you find a design your happy with, get some birch ply (multiplex) looks better than normal ply and make them out of that, natural forks are nice, just takes quite a while to dry them out properly, especially if your cutting "green" forks. Keep us updated on how you get on

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I always pull the pouch to the same spot every time ( my ear for me), then use a point on the catty to use to aim (bottom of top fork shooting sideways for me), once you have found your sweet spot, just keep pulling to and using the same place on catty to aim every time you shoot, it takes a while to find your spots, but once you do keep it the same , this is just how I shoot, sure other people do it differently. Good luck and keep plinking

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