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Parts For A Meteor ?

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I recently picked up an old mk 6 meteor which was in need of repair the idea being to fix it up for my lad who's now 14 and in need of something to get him off his playstation, and what better way to start than the same way I did. It's in need of a new seals, spring and the spring backstop thingy ( it's like a cylinder with a flat disc welded on the end ) does anyone know where I can get these parts from ?

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Cheers pal exactly what I needed turns out it's called a mainspring guide :-)


Pack it with grease when you put the new spring in.


Many years ago I played around with some air rifles and different springs. The standard BSA spring produced better and more consistant results than an Ox or a Titan.

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John Knibbs is great to deal with I got all my parts for my mk5 restoration from there

Fast delivery some of my parts were more expensive second hand on ebay so glad

I bought new ftom john Knibbs

Cheers guys £50 later and parts on their way have found the mk5 restoration page and been following it pretty much step by step since discovering that it's a mk5 I've got not a 6, spent all day sanding the various bits of metal work down now All on the bench with primer drying

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