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Yildiz .410 Shotgun

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I was in the gun shop today and I was shown an ex demo (used once at a fair) Yildiz .410 O/U non ejector model. I am thinking of getting it for my son for Christmas. On first impressions the gun looks well made but basic and functional. The gun fits my son well and should last him a few years until he can step up to a 20 bore. I have no experience with the make but have known of their existence for some time. It looks to be a great starter gun but there are not many about on the 2nd hand market. Is that because not many are sold or is it that owners love them and can't bring them selves to part with them? I think for the price I have been offered it for he could use it for a few years and as long it has been well looked after should get most of the money back come trade up time.


Any advice on this gun or alternatives would be greatly received

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I have both the o/u and sxs in the yildiz 410, bought both from new and doubt I'll ever part with them, great little guns for using in our woodland, and good to get the kids used to them


my mate made this short film of one of our work parties, forward to 3 minutes to see the o/u in use


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I've got the 20 bore o/u, got it about 5 years ago and took a risk, not knowing how good they were, I bought it cause it was very light and this suited me for rough shooting covering a lot of ground with it under my arm, It was a fantastic buy and they have gone up in value since, my only criticism would be that the metal around the breach is easily marked but I abuse my guns in the field anyway, other than that they are flawless.

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