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Secret Weapons

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Ooooooo, can't wait to see what you've got. Nice cryptic picture, jerk! :)


HAHA! Don't you worry. I'm quite sure these lil monsters will be putting up enough critters in the future and eventually yall will get to see what they are. I just cant wait for the next litter I breed. They gonna be even better I think.

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I got a buddy in WI. that did a 1/4 coyote, 3/4 mtn. cur. Caught almost any cat it was put on. He said they were so cunning and crafty there just wasn't anything he's seen to compare...unbelievable feet too.


Every good coyote catcher I have ever owned except one had some sorta cur in them to be honest. The best coyote dog I have ever seen was a Walker dog but he had horrible feet and that's probably the reason he was never bred from but trust me he is the best coyote dog I ever laid eyes.


I am talkin "hounds" here by the way not fast dogs but actual cast hunt em up types that also catch and catch quickly.

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