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My Bushing Dog

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For the past five years now I've had Poppy , the jack russel bitch who never ceases to amaze me.

We picked her up a few months before i decided to take up shooting , she was initially a family pet but from the first time i took her out it was clear this dog was a worker.


She is constantly looking for work and trying to get on the scent of something and when she does nothing will stop her. She's very obidient and very clever.


I like her style of work because she yaps on ground game and always looks up at me before she goes in to flush a pheasant or woodcock.


She never took to earthwork although this suited me as i have little interest in digging but she is game above ground on anything.


I've taken her on several shoot days at a small local shoot and she has never failed to impress :yes:



Myles :thumbs:
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Lovely. Love little jacks, I've got one from none working parents and she's invaluable,,,cracking little dogs.

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