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Fitting A Winch To A Fourtrak

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I was just wondering how much work would be involved in fitting a winch to my fourtrak.

I aren't wanting to pull myself up cliff's, it would only ever be used if I got stuck in boggy mud in gateway ect. As I have AT tyres fitted and not mud tyres I thought it may be a good idea as a back up for future.

Would I be able to just attatch it to the bull bar on the front of the car, I would presume the bull bar will be fixed to the chassis so could I just make a bracket up to attach it directly to the bull bar.

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Would I need to strengthen the suspension or do any other modifications if I made up a bracket to go on the front of the chassis behind the bumper, I am asking because a few winch's I have looked at come in at 30-40kg or would it be ok to just fit the winch.

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A guy I know had a winch fitted to a new Hilux, dont know what it weighed it didn't look overly large, he removed it after wearing out two sets of front tyers in a very short time, all down to the extra weight on the front apparently.

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