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  1. jc43

    Damp Patch On Kennel Floor.

    I had the same in one of my kennels, i put in a false floor raised on 2x2 batten to let the air circulate underneath , cured the problem , JC
  2. jc43

    Fitting A Winch To A Fourtrak

    A guy I know had a winch fitted to a new Hilux, dont know what it weighed it didn't look overly large, he removed it after wearing out two sets of front tyers in a very short time, all down to the extra weight on the front apparently.
  3. jc43

    Larson Trap.

    I use a seperate side entry "extention" to my top entry Larsens they butt up against the main trap , gives me more trapping options, and are easy to move as not too bulky, JC
  4. jc43

    Fenn Boxes And Bmi Boxes?

    <p>I use these tunnels around the pheasant feed hoppers , I remove the rivet from one side of the bodygrip and replace it with a 6mm x 70 mm approx;threaded rod , the rod gets pushed into the ground and holds the trap in position, the trap; door at the top of the tunnel is large enough to remove the trap including any cought squirrel or rat, works for me.JC</p>
  5. jc43

    Larson Trap Advice

    If my traps stop catching I move them 60- Yards and they can start catching again, works for me, JC.
  6. jc43


    Hi , I'm in the south east , Maize & Millet has been in about four weeks , its slow need some warm weather to get it going, slugs are giving the maize a bashing
  7. jc43

    Tumbler or Ultrasonic?

    hi dully1963 Sorry for the delay in answering,I read somewhere that the cream of tarter does not affect the brass as detergent or washing up liquid might , so i've only ever used COT , the cases are as clean inside as out , had do do a seperate post from the photo; , could'nt sus out how to get it all together ,JC
  8. jc43

    Tumbler or Ultrasonic?

    I use a small ultrasonic from lidl's, take out the plastic liner fill with warm water a couple of teaspoons of cream of tartar powder, 10-12 decapped cases ,two or three , three min; cycles they come out shining inside and out ,rinse in warm water ,i put them on a rad ; to dry , never used a tumbler so cant comment.
  9. jc43

    Fly Tying Help

    type in whip finish tool on you tube
  10. jc43

    Harris bipods

    I have a Harris 9"- 13" on my .243 , wanted a bipod for the .270, went for one on the Bay, thought it worth a punt, it arrived within a week ,not a lot different to the Harris apart from the word Rambo on it , its 9"- 15", it may fall apart after a few outings but at thirty odd quid it seem OK Tactical 9"-15" Swivel or Adapter 20mm Rail Bipod RH9-2 Item number: 280365103529
  11. jc43


    Did the same thing myself ,I now have red tape round one bolt handle and yellow around the other,