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Bit Of Advice On What Gun To Get.....

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hi guys,ive got a webley stingray.22 at the moment to get me started but i have been offerd a possible bit of permission for lamping fox with gun,friend dad having a few problems recently,im looking for a decent gun to take them down humanely,im not looking for a top of the range gun with worth 1000 plus just a decent gun what does the job and possibly sum websites if you could,thanks

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what no tidy ish air rifel will take it down?haw would i go about looking into gettin a rifel?cheers for comment


It would kill it at point blank but you would probably be charged with causing suffering / animal cruelty if ever caught doing it.

You have to apply to your local police force to get a proper rifle, or shotgun. Get a cabinet, the police check you out etc, come and interview you/check your cab etc. Normally will take a few months

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You will need to apply for a FAC to the police force of your county, you will need written permission for the land you intend to shoot and you will need to have a pretty crime free past. Also it is not recommended although not illegal to use rimfire for fox control so you would probably be advised to apply for centrefire but as this is your first application it would be difficult without a mentor to overlook your shooting.

Best of luck.

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You need to get yourself fixed up with a shotgun licence and a nice double barrel or semi auto 12 bore. Or apply for a Firearms Certificate from your Police FO and then, get yourself a nice bolt action .22LR or .223 rifle for foxes mate. I believe it is illegal to hunt and shoot foxes with just a legal-limit air rifle.


Fox shooting is a no-no for air rifles fella! :thumbs:

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