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D.I.Y Nightvision scope for £100

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I thought i would share my new night vision scope that ive just finished making today, i originally wanted to buy a ns 50 from nightsight but at the time i had the money i saw the rifle pictured below for £600 it came with a bag, loads of pellets, a hill pump with moisture trap and the hawke hd scope and i always wanted a weihrauch so decided to get the rifle instead, with only a little money left i decided to do it myself


the idea was borrowed from snypercat on youtube, she great you should check out her videos


Its going to be used primarily on my hw 100s the scope is a hawke sport hd 4-12 x 50


heres what i paid out-

£45 for a sony handycam with nightshot from ebay

£20 for a long life battery (using the screen it will last 360 minutes) from ebay

£35 for a 200mw infrared laser from odicforce.com (its the letterbox shape one thats focusable)

and a few pounds for a couple of lens adapters, also from ebay


Heres how i made it-

i screwed the two lens adapters to the camera and put it on the scope after taking off the rubber eye protector and marked on the scope the best position acording to the image on the screen i then super glued it to the scope (the rubber washer thing still fits on the camera lens adapter after i unscrew the camera, Bonus). Ive fitted the infra red laser to the front of the scope on a flashlight mount i had kicking about (its not perfect but ive got a new one on the way that is). The camera is a snug fit with the stock so at the moment i have to take the scope off to get the camera off, but ive ordered a scope mount that will raise the scope and camera buy 1cm so i can remove the camera easily without removing the whole lot


heres some pics




Ive not fully tested it yet but the images are really good so far even at long ranges, whats also cool is you can easily record your day time or night time hunting or target shooting on the memory card.

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iv got a similar set up but my camera is a hd, i just need to come up with a sleeve to fix it to the scope.


i wasnt to fussed about being it being hd, what is more important to me is the resolution of the flip out screen.

To fix it to the scope use camera lens adapters (solid as a rock)


john im loving the profile picture

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so how far can you see and shoot


My lr laser mount hasn't turned up yet so it's not been fully tested, I've had a crisp image at 100 yards so far but I'm sure if will go further. I only shoot air rifles so its well within the maximum shot range anyway, I try to never shoot virmin at over 50 yards (perfect conditions) as I want as humane a kill as possible

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