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Poles? long net advice


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Hi all,

Went to pick some purse nets up and lad gave me a 50yard long net for free :) , the bisley type (red nylon), just wondering wat i can use for poles or can i bye poles?


Also how far along the net do the poles need to be spaced?

And is the bottom of net pegged and if so wat pegs? and how far spaced apart.

Any advice would help,

Cheers atb

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I like my poles 5 meters apart, seven being the norm, due to havin a few ditches to net across, and this spacing makes it easier for me, I have fibre glass poles, but before I went high tech I just cut my poles from bushes and trees as I saw them when I was out and about :thumbs:

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I use hazel poles which I cut from the hedgerows , but you can buy poles of other material. Fibreglass etc. Poles should be 5 yds / metres apart. The bottom line is held with a half hitch around the bottom of the pole, and the headline, (top line) has what is effectively a clove hitch around the top. There's loads of stuff on line to help you, and the book mentioned really is a good one.

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