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harris hawk ankle swollen


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could be caused by the anklet rubbing at the rear of the foot, seen it before which will get infected and consiquently turns into bumble foot infection. could also be a mechanical injury and damage to bone or tendon from bateing or hurting itself free lofted....


either way without a scan of some sort from a vet or somone looking at it with some knowledge on these things you'll never know :thumbs:....


just to say if it is a Bumblefoot infection it will need to be swabbed and cultured so you know what antibiotics to use which is sensitive to the bacteria involved...

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I've got a similar issue whereas my girl hawk I rescued other week, we tethered her down for first time in her life, previous owner had a whim bought a bird, then got scared.

Any way the new anklets were running her rear leg, causing swelling, our fault, we replaced the anklets with pig skinned lined anklets washed her legs prep h n F1 cream seems to work.

Question folks his will this swelling have caused any tendon damage joints damaged ect, being as she'ss  really underweight, she 3lb 4oz at minute reckon fat weights up in 3lb 14oz or may hit 4lb,she is very tall hybrid or Eagle crossed. 

Thanks for any positive input. 

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