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Two recent knives

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Hi all I have been working on a mix of my GPK's (general purpose survival knife) and NSK's (neck survival knife) at the moment. I have recently finished one of each, here are some pictures:


First up is a GPK with a unknown hardwood handle, it is made from 4mm thick 01 tool steel and is fully heat treated with a zero scandi grind. It comes with bass fittings and a nice leather belt sheath.








Next up is a small NSK that has a nice ash handle with brass and copper fittings and a mosiac pin. It has a rolled finish 4mm 01 tool steel blade that is fully heat treated with a semi polished zero scandi grind. It comes with a nice leather neck sheath and a coyote tan paracord attachment. Here is some photos of it :




I have also started on another NSK which I will be using some of the new tufnol I just got in for the handle. Here are some photos of the blade and handle:





I have been very busy this week with a new batch of GPK's I have 8 of them on the go, one is already gone.

Some pictures of the blades:


Here is the one that I have started for one of my cutomers.


Many thanks Alex



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The first picture on the thread is a knife I asked YG to make for me, Got exactly what I asked for, nothing fancy as it will see some use !

The knife is well made as is the sheath, the edge is good, what else is there ?

Service is good etc

If you want a decent tool for the job then this lad makes a good un :thumbs: :thumbs:


And thanks A, good job

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