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Hawking Day


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I've been given a 'Red Letter' type day, hunting with Harris Hawks. What I want to know, as a complete hawking novice, is what part of the season should I book my day, it is valid from October to March. Should I go for the longer days of October before the clocks change (will the birds be fit enough then?) or should I go for the end of the season when the birds have had a good (hopefully) season behind them. Or will it make no bloody difference!

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Guest what a flight

All depends what you want to see :D ,what you'll get early season is unfit hawks and uneducated rabbits,bags can be big, though most flights will be over close and quick, poor if the hawks arn't fit simple as that,you'll see the best falconry in what i call the second half of the hawking season,dec/jan/feb,educated,fully grown and fit quarry thats been hunted and escaped will test well conditioned hawks to the max,but theres plenty of well seasoned hawks that know all the tricks and will make it look too easy,these birds should be held back,if there slipping at rabbits that are being caught 10 or 20 yards from there feet thats not sport :no:,you wanna see flights that carry on along the hedges,over the fields or through the woods before you hear that telling squeal :D .Good luck and enjoy yer day,though i hate people being ripped of with the exstortionate fee's they charge for a days hawking,yer coulda come with me and done it for free and better :DB) :


W A F.......

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W A F is right there about the charge for the hunting trips with these so called pros.....I done a course a few seasons ago on falconry when i 1st started to meet local falconers & I tell you what I learnet more of the falconers than i did on that 4 day course & the 5th day was a so called hunting day......HA....both Harris hawks were defo at a flying weight & not hunting they just wanted to follow on & chase nothing what so ever & the red tail went in a huff at the top of a tree when a few pheasents flew to their escape........if you do the hunting trip/course enjoy it

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